Mission Statement
The Cleansing Services Directorate provides various cleansing services to the Central Government and Local Councils. The main purpose of the Cleansing Services Directorate is to keep the urban and non-urban areas free from litter and illegal dumping, thus, enhancing Malta’s environment.
The units that are under the responsibility of the Cleansing Services Directorate consist in:

  • Cleansing of Arterial and Distributor Roads Unit (This includes also cleansing of areas that attract illegal dumping)
  • Cleansing of Pedestrian Areas and Public Spaces Unit
  • Beach Cleansing Unit
  • Cleansing of Public Conveniences
  • Maintenenace of Rainwater Systems
  • Cleansing in Tourism Zones

''Għalfejn Tħammeġ Pajjiżek?'' is a nationwide, long-term anti-littering campaign which has been recently launched by the Ministry for Transport and Infrastructure. The Cleansing Services Directorate, within MTI, will be responsible to run this important campaign initiative.  
The main focal characters of this campaign are Garby and Tidy, the friendly trash cans who are desperate for attention.